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Expect to find Malay and a variety of native tongues spoken in the marketplace. However, English is widely understood and used in the commercial world.

World religion such as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism are practiced alongside animistic beliefs. Mosques, churches and temples can be found in many towns.

Working Hours:
Banks are open Mondays to Fridays from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Offices usually operate from 9am-5pm, Mondays to Fridays, while shopping centres are open from 10am-10pm every day.

The local currency is Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and comes in RM100, RM50, RM10, RM10, RM5 and RM1 notes. RM1 is equivalent to 100 sen and coins come in denominations of 50 sen, 20 sen, 10 sen, 5, sen and 1 sen. Money changers are available in major towns and airports. Credit cards are widely accepted in urban areas.

Sarawak Immigration Requirements:
All international visitors are required to fill in an immigration form upon arrival. Malaysia has strict anti-drug trafficking laws and those caught smuggling illegal drugs will be given mandatory death penalty.

Service charges are included in billings for food, beverages and accommodation. Tipping is not customary.

Mobile telecommunications cover many parts of Sarawak except for the most remote area. Public phones are available sporadically in many places.

Government hospitals, clinics and dispensaries are located in all towns and larger villages. Private medical practitioners and pharmacies are listed in the local phone directory. However, those who need specific medication are advised to bring along adequate supplies.

We're 8 hours ahead of GMT

Private vehicles:
Visiting yachts, boats and aircrafts are welcome. Do contact the relevant authority before starting your trip.

Disabled friendly facilities:
Facilities are limited. Please check with your accommodation of choice.

Shoes must be removed before entering homes, longhouses or mosques. Long sleeved shirts and long pants or skirts are appropriate for visiting places of worship. Nude sunbathing or swimming is unacceptable. Do bring your swimsuit. Light, casual and a good pair of walking or trekking shoes would suffice for day activities. Mosquito repellent is advisable if you plan to jungle trekking, but you may also purchase them from pharmacies here.

Souvenirs for home:
Sarawak is the region's most famous pepper producer - be sure to bring some back for your friends. Many visitors from other parts of Malaysia take with them frozen seafood and caviar of a local fish. Local food such as shrimp paste, fruit preserves and pickles allow you to share a taste of Sarawak with your friends. Kain songket, batik, beaded jewellery, weaved mats and rattan baskets are reminders of the native's ingenious use of natural products. The musically inclined may wish to bring a sape back to share its haunting melody with others.

Leave behind:
Your footprints and everything you see in the Natural Parks and wilderness. Sarawak has a tough wildlife law. All animals and plants are protected under such law. Enjoy the beauty of this paradise and allow others after you to enjoy it too.

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Sarawak More Than a Paradise (Video)




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