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About STF

The objectives of the Federation shall be:-

  1. To bring together and unite all Associations and associates from the various sectors of the tourism industry for their mutual interest and co-operation.

  2. To promote and protect the interest of members of the Federation in particular and the interests of the tourism industry in Sarawak.

  3. To act as consultative body and representative in all matters pertaining to issues affecting the conduct and development of the tourism industry in Sarawak.

  4. To establish rapport and co-operation between members and the relevant authorities on matters affecting the interest of the members and the industry.

  5. To co-ordinate the rationalization of the various plans, programmes and activities undertaken by the various sectors of the industry and by both government and private sector.

  6. To initiate and assist in the formulation of policies concerning the promotion and development of tourism and tourism standards for the industry in Sarawak through legislation setting or safeguards.

  7. To assist in the promotion of both domestic and international tourism and in the upgrading of tourism infrastructure and services for the benefit of both members and tourists.

  8. To provide for the training needs of members and assist the relevant authorities in the development of human resources and skills to meet the needs of the tourism industry in Sarawak.

  9. To establish facilities for the training, grading and certification of tourist related personnel in furtherance of the Federation’s objectives.

  10. To initiate or operate tourist facilities as may be deemed necessary at appropriate tourist locations.

  11. To stimulate the demand for tourism merchandise and services available in Sarawak for the benefit of members and the tourism industry.

  12. To print, publish, sell, circulate and distribute badges, books, souvenir and publications calculated to promote directly, any of the objectives of the Federation.

  13. To associate or affiliate with national, regional and international organization having the same objective of promoting tourism with the proviso that the laws and interests of Malaysia are not in any way jeopardized by way of any international affiliation or association.

  14. To acquire and own land and buildings for the common use and benefits of members.

  15. To operate, engage, invest any surplus fund in fixed deposits, government bonds and securities and in any tourism business activities as approved by the Federation at its Extra Ordinary General Assembly or Annual General Assembly for the purpose of carrying out its objectives.


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