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There shall be 3 categories of membership: -

(1) Affiliate Members
Membership shall be opened to any registered associations which are dealing in the under mentioned sectors of tourism industry in Sarawak as specified under (4) below.

(2) Associates Members
Membership may be opened to any body corporate within Sarawak other states of the Federation of Malaysia having business directly connected with tourism in Sarawak but they shall have no right to vote or hold office in the Federation.

(3) Honorary Members
Honorary membership shall be elected by the Federation, which shall report to the General Meeting, on any person who has rendered services and contribution towards the advancement of the Federation. Such member shall have no right to vote and hold office.

(4) Approved Sectors of the Tourism Industry
The affiliate and associate members shall have business or dealing under the following sectors: -
a. Travel and Tour agencies,
b. Tourism Accommodation operators/owners,
c. Tourism attraction agencies,
d. Tourist Guides/Park Warden Services,
e. Food and Beverage agencies/operators,
f. Airlines and air charters agencies,
g. Travel media and Tourism promotion agencies,
h. Land/Marine Transportation agencies,
i. Handicraft and souvenir agencies,
j. Meetings' Incentives, Conference and Exhibition organizers
k. Tourism Educational and Hospitality agencies
l. ICT related agencies
m. Other tourism related agencies.


(1) Application
Every application for membership shall be in the form prescribed in the First Schedule hereto and shall be proposed by one member and seconded by another. The Board may in its discretion approve or reject any application without assigning any reason thereof.

(2) Admission
Every applicant whose application has been approved shall, upon payment of the prescribed entrance fees and first annual subscription, be admitted as a member of the Federation and shall be entitled to all privileges of membership. On admission as a Member of the Association, he shall be provided with a copy of the Constitution, a list of Members and Membership Certificate as prescribed in the Schedule hereto.


(1) Affiliate Member having their registered memberships of 49 members and below shall be entitled to have one representative and with one voting right and to hold office.

(2) Affiliate Member having their registered memberships of 50 members and above, shall be entitled to have a maximum of two representatives with two voting rights and to hold offices.

(3) Affiliate Members must submit in writing the name of their representative or representatives together with the required information specified in Rule 9 to the
Federation. He may also nominate an alternate representative in the absence of his first representative.


(1) Affiliate Member
The Entrance Fee for any Affiliate Member shall be Ringgit Malaysia Seven Hundred and Fifty only (RM750.00) and Annual Subscription Fees of Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred only (RM500.00) for each representation as specified in Rule 7.

(2) Associate Member
The Entrance Fee for any Associate Member shall be Ringgit Malaysia Seven Hundred and Fifty only (RM750.00) and the Annual Subscription Fee of Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred and Fifty only (RM250.00).

(3) Subscription Fee
All subscription fees shall be payable as from the 1st day of January of each calendar year.

(4) Forfeiture of Rights
Any member failing to pay his annual subscription, which is in 3 months' arrears, shall forfeit all his rights and privileges of membership.

(5) Failure to pay Annual Subscription Fee
Any member failing to pay his annual subscription fee by the 31st day of December of the calendar year shall automatically cease to be a member.

(6) Special Subscriptions or Donations
The Federation may, for the purpose of promoting its objectives, call for special subscriptions or donations from its affiliates or members of the public.


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