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The formation of the Sarawak Tourism Federation (STF) is an evolution in the development of the private sector's involvement with tourism. Its immediate predecessor, the STA (Sarawak Tourist Association), was set up in 1963 as a private sector initiative bringing together all the key tourism players in Sarawak.

40 years on, as the industry has grown, there are many more players and stakeholders in this important industry. The need to focus the players becomes more important; individual players are now grouped under their own related association. The STF was formed to become the umbrella organization of all tourism related associations. STF was officially registered on the 11 February 2004.

In part this was inspired by a suggestion of YAB Chief Minister of Sarawak that the various individual members of the STA should be grouped into their respective associations and then come together as the STF.

The formation of the STF will help to provide a broader based representation in the tourism industry both sectorally and, as Sarawak is a very large state, regionally. This represents yet another milestone in the development of tourism in the state.

Looking ahead

The Sarawak Tourism Federation (STF) will continue to bring together all the key and important players in the tourism industry in Sarawak, both regionally and in the various tourism sectors.

We see our primary goal as setting high quality standards of service for visitors to Sarawak and to this end we will assist the tourism associations that require attention for them to attain this goal for their members.

Presently, under the Federation, we have developed domestic tour packages with our National Carrier, MAS, in conjunction with MAH (Sarawak Chapter) and ASIA (Association of Sarawak Inbound agencies). Under this package we have brought about 30,000 West Malaysians to our state.

We are helping to organize seminars and workshops that will benefit the tourism industry as well as to run relevant frontliner courses for our member associations. We hope that in the very near future, we shall formulate and benchmark the quality of service in the state of Sarawak.


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